Live Daily likes Jackson Browne has posted a review of Jackson Browne’s New York show from this past weekend.

Browne and his crack backing band showcased a number of cuts from that new project, “Time The Conqueror,” along with a retrospect of material going all the way back to his debut in 1972. Some may complain that the set list, which Jackson told the crowd barely varies from night to night, is designed to showcase songs he and the band like to do, failed to provide enough classic material.

But it managed to touch on enough of his hits to please a more general audience, like the show opener “Boulevard,” as well as “Doctor My Eyes,” which flowed nicely into “My Imagination,” “The Pretender” and “Running on Empty.”

Browne also hit a few of those more sentimental buttons with a beautifully performed “Fountain of Sorrow,” and “Barricades of Heaven,” a song Browne said was “a song about trying to grow up. In my case, growing up twice.”


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One Response to Live Daily likes Jackson Browne

  1. Judy says:

    I have tickets to see him Sat. night, in Canandaigua. I wish these great artist REALIZE we want to hear more classic hits. I’m shocked, he didn’t even to “Stay-theLoad/out”, one of the best party tunes! No Rosie either. I do like some of his new album but many of us who pay big time to see him, I just think we work very hard for our money, and we couldn’t see all the concerts we wanted to this summer to do money problems with many of my friends, including me. So we like to relive our young years, the older songs brings back great memories for most. I went to his last tour, the acoustic, that was a mess as he would ask “what do you want to hear” and every jerk in there (MEN) would scream out songs he’d never do but a little girl came up to the stage and said “will you sing “The Pretender” for my dad?” And he said, “of course I will!” That was the best part of it. I do like to see he takes an intermission, more classic rock bands should do this. I don’t know if the artists realize they rip us off so much at these venues, with $11 a bottle of beer!! $8 for hard lemonade! One time I got a hard lemondade and the woman said, that she had to keep the CAP because it could be a weapon!!! Give me a break!!! These are people that are “babyboomers” taking their kids and grandkids out to show them good music we had back in the day. And the T-shirts are ridiculous!!! I have a very old one from the 70s that I’m sure I paid like $3 for and now they are all $45 and up!! Jackson is great when it comes to benefit concerts and spreading the political views but he has to know these people are draining us when some already paid $75 a ticket! It makes me sad. With this economy, these artists should know how hard it is, so many unemployed, so many houses foreclosed. People need to catch a break. After reading his set list, I’m not sure I’ll go. As the review said, not enough classic tunes! Yes, we know about the new album and it is good, what I have heard so far but come on, don’t be like Madonna (so I read) at her last tour, the whole tour was her new album, she only did one classic tune and everyone was livid. I don’t blame them at all. Saw John Mellancamp last year, he wasn’t promoting an album so I thought we’d hear his classic tunes, heard many but he left out the one that started it all, “hurts so good” back in 81. I’ve seen him at least 4 times, he has ALWAYS played it and on the way out, so many were saying, “can you believe he didn’t do that song” I wish there was a way that the artists could hear our comments. Afterall, if it wasn’t for us, where would they be. It will be freezing at this outside performing place so I’ll have so many layers of clothing on me as I’m cold on hot days! And another thing we don’t like, we look up and those new corporate some kind of balconies are full of the big shots (VIP) and we can see the waitresses bringing them anything they want. I know touring is expensive but like Neil Young says “I don’t sing for nobody, no millers,no pesi, etc” and he has been true to his word. But now we see a commercial with Todd Rungren’s “hello it’s me” over an anti-acid pill! Couldn’t believe my ears as I never thought he would “sell out” like that. I loved Todd in the 70s but being “eccentric”, the first time he was with Utopia and it was early 70s and his big hit was “hello it’s me”, the who crowd is yelling, “play hello it’s me!” over and over again till he said, sorry this is a new band and we don’t do it anymore. He actually had a new album out and he sang EVERY new song from it. We wanted our money back but that was a lost cause. So then I see him on Letterman a few years ago with that “skunk” looking hair-do and he didn’t want to sing it but David Letterman requested “hello it’s me” and he did it great for him. I wonder what he would have played if Letterman didn’t ask. The Boss hasn’t done it and either as U2. Only a few hold-outs, must be hard to see all the contracts in front of them with more money that they can’t resist. GREED is bad. I have a scrapbook with many stubs and was looking at what I paid to see Peter Frampton and a few others, they were $3 or $4 dollars and then we had enough to get a t-shirt as they were never that high. It’s really really sad for the kids as their parents would have to give them a hundred dollars or more to his children for a t-shirt and something to drink I wish the old days were back. To know people don’t have the money and still do this, never thought Jackson would go along with that. But maybe it is out of his hands, I’d give him a “pass” on the drinks but the t-shirts, he has to know how much they go for. Every concert I’ve been to in the last few years, t-shirts are $45 or more!! And forget it if you want a hoody, so much more for sweatshirts. I noticed they now sell tickets online, a certain day of the week, called “no service charge day” but we never know what day and most have bought their high priced tickets. And now some of the artists, that I assume didn’t sell many tickets, well, they have a “two for one” day which is a good idea but I checked that out, and ONLY for the wet cold probably raining day/night. I did it in my youth, but can’t deal with these young kids that I swear say they are going to get out of the house. I got a “Freetime” at my grocery store today, a free catalog with all that is going on in this area for the next 2 weeks. And a gorgeous pic of Jackson on the front, I had to take two and I asked the young girl if she knew him and she said “not at all” but she said so many people have picked it up today and gone through her aisle with the Freetime. I said, do you remember “Take it easy” by the Eagles and I sang a little and I said, well, he co-wrote this with a guy in the Eagles …I could tell she wasn’t impressed, probably into the rich rappers. Makes me ill! Any one can email me at for comments. There should be a law against this and it all started with those damn Eagles, the “when hell freezes over” tour, they raised them over a hundred and their answer to that was “well that is what Barbara Striesand is charging! At that time, I had NEVER paid $85 for this so called reunion concerts and the seats were horrible, too. I love music but this is really bothering me…….can you tell!…Judy

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