Carole King’s Muncie stop

The Star Press has a brief article on Carole King speaking at Vera Mae’s Bistro in Muncie, Indiana, today.

Singer-songwriter Carole King urged fellow supporters of Barack Obama to be respectful of Republicans during her appearance at Vera Mae’s Bistro on Tuesday afternoon.

“That is also Barack Obama’s message,” she said. “The message of hope. We don’t have to trash each other. He’s tough, but he doesn’t have to be nasty, and you don’t, either.”

King, 66, who lives in a red state that begins with the letter “I” — Idaho — told the crowd, “It doesn’t take a very big leap, even if you identify as a Republican, to vote for the Democrats this time.”

She made several campaign stops in Indiana. She concluded her half-hour appearance in Muncie by leading the crowd in signing her song, “You’ve Got A Friend.”

The paper’s website will post a video of her appearance tomorrow. The article also has a talk-back section, where most of the readers jump in with angry or dismissive comments.


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