Variety looks at nostalgia of SoCal in music

Variety looks at Jackson Browne’s Time The Conqueror (released tomorrow, despite what the article says), J.D. Souther’s new album If The World Was You (to be released October 14), Brian Wilson’s That Lucky Old Sun (released September 2), and other recent releases, and how they relate to the musical depiction of Southern California.

On “Time the Conqueror,” which is being released today, Browne closes his eyes and visits the Laurel Canyon of the late ’60s in the wistful “Off of Wonderland.” “There was a change in the air,” he says, invoking Martin Luther King by name, the Eagles and John Kennedy by inference. “It was love everywhere.”

That’s about it for specific nostalgia on the album, although a trio of protest songs convey a distinct sense that the visions of youthful hope have been blurred by too many bad decisions — a point he makes less directly but just as distinctly as Wilson.


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