Carole King gives Change We Need

The Star Press of Muncie, Indiana, has a write-up about Carole King’s scheduled appearance tomorrow at 2:15 PM for a “Change We Need” event in support of the Presidential ticket of Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden. The event is free and open to the public.

Later tomorrow, she’ll then be in Richmond, Indiana, at 4:30 PM at Little Sheba’s Restaurant & Zini’s Place with Richmond Mayor Sally Hutton to meet with locals.

Wednesday is a busy day for Carole. First she’ll be speaking with local women at Urbana, Ohio, at 9:00 AM at the Urbana University Student Center. Then she’ll be at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio, at 11:00 AM, where she will discuss women’s issues and the 2008 election. At 2:15 PM, she will be at Auglaize County Obama Headquarters in Wapakoneta, Ohio. She will then be at the Obama campaign’s Lima, Ohio, office for a Women’s Forum at 4:30 PM that same day.

Then on Thursday, she’ll be in the Obama campaign’s Mentor, Ohio, office to meet supporters at 4:00 PM.

Doesn’t sound like she’ll be singing at any of these appearances, focusing mostly on discussing Obama’s economic plan and/or women’s issues, but you never know.


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