Found on YouTube this past week:

Here’s a new video of Yusuf Islam talking about his new song “The Edge of Existence,” which will appear on a fundraising compilation for Survival International:

Concord Music has posted the EPK for James Taylor’s Covers. It’s an extended version of a video that was on a previous News From James newsletter with some graphics added, but there’s definitely some new stuff in there:

Here’s Jackson Browne being interviewed. Not sure when the interview was conducted, but it’s an amusing but short bit with Jackson reacting to being called a legend.

There was a music video for Carly Simon’s “Give Me All Night”? Looks like it. Here it is with Portuguese subtitles:

Here’s Joni Mitchell performing “River” with Herbie Hancock from several months ago:

And finally, here’s a song parody of Carole King’s “You’ve Got A Friend” called “You’ve Got the Fed” by VersusPlus, about the current credit crisis:


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