Simon Speaks: Family & Music

Carly Simon has posted at her blog Simon Speaks. She talks about performing with son Ben Taylor tomorrow at Joe’s Pub in New York City at 7:00 PM for a launch party of Ben’s new album The Legend of Kung Folk: Part One (The Killing Bite). She also talks about her work on her farm with beau Richard and spending a few days in Boston with Sally Taylor and her son Bodhi (which potentially squelches a recent rumor that Carly had been prohibited from seeing her grandson, or that the issue was resolved, if there ever was one). She also mentions how recent lay offs at Hear Music effected the release of her new album This Kind of Love.

The ordeal with Starbucks is not to be underestimated in terms of my preoccupation with it. Their firing everyone at Hear Music, just three days before “This Kind of Love” came out caused me some pretty serious damages. I’m hoping to re-release it elsewhere and really make people aware of it (not at Starbucks stores—perhaps we’ll try tea this time).

I’m so glad you’re out there and ready to help and have already helped and supported me. I feel it. Keep the name out there. Doesn’t matter what label it’s on, or if I just sell it on my site ( Just keep the name out there. I believe it’s mine!!!!!!


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