Jackson Browne talks to Courier Mail

The Australian newspaper Courier Mail has an interview with Jackson Browne, where he talks about his new album Time The Conqueror, his father, and his generation of musicians from the 1970s.

My generation was more immersed in books and movies and we all listened to the same songs on the radio… We heard a lot of music in each others’ company, as opposed to ‘I have one friend who likes this music and played it for me’.

You heard stuff you didn’t care about, too, and generally had respect for it.

Maybe country wasn’t your thing but you knew that country station was over there.

Everyone knew the same records somehow, and that had a big effect on the general literacy of the whole generation.

The fact is, everyone wanted to make their way and get some money and maybe make a living, but in general the hippie values were ones of ‘feed your mind, feed your brain, feed your head’.

Like Bob Dylan sang, ‘He’s helpless like a rich man’s son’.

There were all these ideas that told you money was not going to liberate you.

If anything, it would confuse the issue.

In addition, the article claims that Jackson Browne “was chuffed to get a shout-out on the new Randy Newman album” Harps and Angels. On the song “Piece of the Pie,” Newman sings, “Jesus Christ it stinks here high and low / The rich are getting richer / I should know / While we’re going up / You’re going down / And no one gives a shit but Jackson Browne”.

Randy Newman talks about the song and the reason for the name dropping in this video from Nonesuch Records.


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