James Taylor sings with Steve Tyrell on What the World Needs Now

The James Taylor Website has spotted another James Taylor guest appearance on a recent release. Steve Tyrell’s Back to Bacharach, released this past May, includes the song “What the World Needs Now,” arranged by Burt Bacharach, with shared lead vocals by James Taylor, Tyrell, Dionne Warwick, Rod Stewart and Martina McBride. The entire song can be heard on Steve Tyrell’s official site.

UPDATE: Here’s an EPK video of Steve Tyrell on Back to Bacharach, where he mentions the recording of the song, along with the rest of the album. There isn’t much on James Taylor, but he does mention that proceeds from the song will be donated to the National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance (NCCRA) in honor of his wife Stephanie Tyrell, who died from colon cancer five years ago. (Just so you know, the viewer may say the video is 10 minutes long, but the EPK is really only about 5 minutes long, followed by another 5 minutes of black nothingness. Apparently, something got messed up in the uploading.)


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