James Taylor on Good Morning America

ABC News has posted a video of a brief interview with James Taylor from today’s Good Morning America. Hopefully video of him performing “Sweet Baby James” and “Wichita Lineman” will be posted soon.

UPDATE: The Berkshire Eagle’s Ben Garver has posted some footage of the morning, including snippets of James Taylor and his Band of Legends performing “Shower the People” and “Sweet Baby James”:

UPDATE 2: More behind-the-scenes footage from BerkshireLinks.com of James this morning. Here, James noodles on his guitar while waiting to get the on-air cue, then he and the band do a chorus of “Shower the People”. This was probably done as a cut away either right before or while coming back from commercial.

UPDATE 3: James performing “Sweet Baby James” with Yo-Yo Ma on cello:

UPDATE 4: Another angle on “Sweet Baby James”, from BerkshireLinks.com.

Many thanks to Jeremy for finding the YouTube videos.

9/16 – UPDATE 5: Berkshire Eagle story about the morning taping reveals that James also played “Some Days You Gotta Dance,” “Here Comes the Sun” with Yo-Yo Ma, and “Riding on a Railroad”.

UPDATE 6: It’s the TV appearance that just keeps giving! Yet another behind-the-scenes video from BerkshireLinks.com. Here, James gets in place on the porch of the Red Lion Inn. There’s also a quick shot of the backup singers David Lasley, Andrea Zonn, Kate Markowitz and Kim Taylor. And here’s a clip of James Taylor performing “Wichita Lineman”.

UPDATE 7: James performing “Wichita Lineman” from the GMA broadcast:

UPDATE 8: And finally Now and Forever has the three clips available in wmv and mpg formats.

UPDATE 9: Wait, there’s more! Here’s a great video from the Berkshire Eagles’ Ben Garver of James Taylor and Yo-Yo Ma performing The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun,” which will be on Yo-Yo Ma’s October 14th release Songs of Joy & Peace:

UPDATE 10 (!): ABC 40 had a quick interview with James Taylor following the taping of his Good Morning America appearance yesterday morning.

9/17 UPDATE 11: Another angle, this time from the audience, of “Here Comes the Sun”:

CORRECTION: Thanks to the fine folks at BerkshireLinks.com for catching my erroneous attribution of their great videos.


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