Jackson Browne honors Linda Ronstadt

Jackson Browne spoke about the talents of Linda Ronstadt in pre-taped segments that aired on the ABC network’s broadcast of the 2008 ALMA Awards on Friday. Linda Ronstadt was honored with a Trailblazer Award for her life’s work, which has helped raise the public profile of Latino music. Here are the portions that include Jackson Browne, although the first one cuts him off a bit at the very end.


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2 Responses to Jackson Browne honors Linda Ronstadt

  1. victoria lucas says:

    I cried when I watched these. Thank you for the posting. What a beautiful, beautiful legend of a woman! Ms. Ronstadt’s music has defined my life and the lives of so many. Still obviously uncomfortable with the camera after all these years, still the woman who just wants to share her love for music with the world and definitely still just as beautiful as she ever was. What a wonderful human being. Congratulations Ms. Ronstadt and thank you for all the years of truly amazing music you have given us!

  2. Dave Riley says:

    I too found these tributes very moving, as is Victoria’s response. Linda Ronstadt’s music has not only defined my life in many ways but also enriched it and definitely widened my musical experience. Without her Spanish language albums I would never have appreciated the brilliance of her Mexican musical heritage and Latin music generally. Her ability in a vast range of music styles is extraordinary; not merely a question of technique and talent but of understanding and then conveying that understanding to the listener, singing from her heart and soul. Add to that her intelligence and compassion; she really is one of a kind. I’m so grateful to her.

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