Yusuf gets green light to build cultural center

YusufIslam.com announced Friday that Dr. Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) has been granted unanimous approval of plans to build a cultural center in Brondesbury Park, London. The center will be called The Maqam, and will “serve as a place where people from across Britain, regardless of faith or background, can come together to not only increase their understanding and enjoyment of Islam’s spiritual and material contribution, but to partake through interaction in the development of a vibrant British Muslim cultural identity”. Of the approval, Yusuf stated:

I am delighted that the Council has given the green light to our plans. For many years now I have tried to build bridges between faiths and communities and promote a better understanding of Islam. This modern, interactive centre, focused on the monotheistic example of Prophet Abraham – known in Judaism, Christianity and Islam as the Father of the Prophets – will provide a focal point for our activities in trying to bring people together and spreading the message of peace and common understanding.

Construction and fundraising have already begun, with a targeted grand opening in 2010.


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