Covers QVC bonus disc details

At midnight, lowered their price for their exclusive edition of Covers from $24.25 to $19.97 plus shipping & handling. If you already ordered it last night at the higher price, you should be able to purchase the album again at the lower price and then cancel your earlier order. Call 1-888-345-5788 for assistance.

Despite the early on-sale date as hyped in the press release, the CD set isn’t being delivered until early October, after the standard edition of Covers is released on September 30.

QVC posted images of the CDs, including the back cover of the bonus disc, which reveals its track list:

  1. Get A Job
  2. In the Midnight Hour
  3. Knock On Wood
  4. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
  5. Enhanced Behind the Scenes Footage (video playable on computers)

(Many thanks to forever fan, ree and Erik at the wonderful James Taylor Online forums.)


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