Jackson Browne vs. McCain

Attorney Tamera Bennett gives a quick analysis of Jackson Browne’s lawsuit regarding copyright infringement over the use of his song “Running On Empty” in a campaign ad. The post includes an 18-page PDF of Jackson’s attorneys’ filing of the lawsuit. There’s a lot of speculation running around, so it’s great to get a more reasoned take, as well as get to look at the actual documents which lay out the facts as presented by Browne’s attorneys.


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2 Responses to Jackson Browne vs. McCain

  1. mbjesq says:

    The trademark infringement issues (implied endorsement) strike me as more worrisome for McCain than the copyright issues (violation of distribution and broadcast rights).

    See: McCain Doesn’t Rock.

    It is stunning to think that the McCain–Palin campaign would continue to stoop to music piracy, particularly after the repeated embarrassments. Then again, this is the same campaign that comes up with each new theme and slogan by simply stealing them from its adversary. Senator Obama seems to trust the voting public to be able to discern the dishonesty of Senator McCain’s mimicry. The recording artists are putting their faith in the courts.

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