Jackson Browne talks to Billboard

Billboard.com interviews Jackson Browne about his upcoming album Time The Conquerer, set for a September 23rd release.

“I missed my band a lot … and getting to make an album where you’re rehearsed and you have production and you’re ready to play these songs is a real pleasure for me.”

He also addresses Jackson’s lawsuit regarding the use by the Republican Party of “Running On Empty” for a campaign ad in support of Senator John McCain.

“It’s pretty open and shut,” Browne notes. “They can’t use your music without your permission, and it’s pretty hard to imagine a senator or anybody in a political campaign not knowing that. The law is so well pronounced. They use your song without asking and you have to make them pay for it. But I’m not sure if it’ll be resolved soon or quickly.”

Read the entire interview at Billboard.com. [Update: This same article is being run at Reuters.]


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