King on Best Buy version of new Brian Wilson album yesterday announced the upcoming release of Brian Wilson’s newest album That Lucky Old Sun. A Best Buy exclusive version of the album will include two bonus tracks featuring Carole King: “Good Kind of Love,” written by Wilson, and the Herman’s Hermits 1964 hit “I’m Into Something Good,” written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King. The album will be released on September 2nd. These tracks will only be available on the Best Buy version of the album, which can be purchased online or at a Best Buy store.

“I’m Into Something Good” was recorded in 2006. From a 2007 Sydney Morning Herald article, King had the following to say about the recording session:

“The environment that Brian creates has a lot to do with the fact that he carries with him a childlike innocence and spontaneity,” King said in an interview last year, just after that session.

“That is one facet to his brilliance, and yet he is like a savant. You have to care for and nurture that quality because he brings out a protective nature in those around him. Over the years he has revealed that sort of powerful dichotomy of being vulnerable, yet extremely powerful at the same time.”

King described the updated treatment of her song as “Brianised”. 


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2 Responses to King on Best Buy version of new Brian Wilson album

  1. djRayC says:

    Can we buy ‘Best Buy’ in UK – via web?

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