DocuTunes captures Taylor & Simon

DocuTunes (official site still under construction), a division of Film-Truth Productions, is bringing a unique look at the creation of music to web surfers and music fans.

Founded by filmmakers Liz Witham and Ken Wentworth, DocuTunes first appeared toward the end of January with a YouTube video of Isaac Taylor performing “When Will We Rise?”, his public debut. About three weeks later, DocuTunes released the first installment on the making of David Saw’s upcoming album. Saw, who wrote two songs on Carly Simon’s last album Into White and has been collaborating with Simon’s son Ben Taylor, made reference to a music lesson he had received from Simon.

Now, Saw has been video-taping music lessons by Carly Simon. Music Lesson #1, on the basic triad and how major C turned into “You’re So Vain”, and Music Lesson #2, how the open D tuning on a guitar led to “Anticipation”, are now on YouTube.

At the beginning of this month, DocuTunes also released a look at the making of Kate Taylor’s version of “Crying in the Rain” with Ben Taylor and David Saw.

Keep watching DocuTunes’ YouTube page for more installments.


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